Construction Law

Texas Construction Lawyers

Texas construction law is complex and highly technical. Developers, property owners, contractors, builders and other persons or entities involved in construction projects require knowledgeable, experienced counselors who know not only the applicable law, but the construction process itself. Lambright McKee, P.C. has handled numerous construction litigation cases, representing developers, builders, contractors, engineers, architects, suppliers, and owners in both commercial and residential construction matters.

The Firm can assist with numerous legal matters, including:

  • Counseling clients on the management and avoidance of construction claims and disputes
  • Litigating design and construction defects
  • Representing clients in state construction litigation claims
  • Representing clients in private construction claims
  • Implementing dispute resolution procedure
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Insurance Coverage and Recovery
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiation
  • Labor and Employment
  • Mixed Used Developments
  • Residential Developments



Practice Areas

Lambright McKee, P.C. enjoys a broad range of diverse specialties, and employs experienced attorneys to meet a wide range of legal needs.