Commercial Litigation

Lambright McKee, P.C. recognizes the complex issues surrounding civil litigation in the State of Texas.  Because we strive to develop a personal relationship with our clients, we can identify the pertinent aspects of our client matters, and more effectively represent them in numerous legal capacities. We believe that by working "with" our clients rather than "for" them, we can help our clients find practical resolutions that most efficiently resolve their issues.

At Lambright McKee, P.C., we have worked hard to improve the Federal and State legal system by participating in numerous advisory committees including membership on the Texas State Bar's Property Owners Association sub-committee and the drafting committee for the Texas Uniform Planned Community Act. Casey Jon Lambright has also testified numerous times before Hearing Committees of the Texas legislature on numerous bills. Because of the Firm's flexibility, Lambright McKee, P.C.' lawyers also frequently consult in matters ranging from the drafting of contracts, leases, settlements and transactional documents to interpretation and enhancement of contracts and agreements and litigation avoidance.

In the event that litigation becomes unavoidable, our primary concern to communicate with our clients, so that we may seek the best business resolution and temper our litigation strategy to focus on achieving those goals.  If resolution becomes impossible, then our trial lawyers will vigorously represent our clients' interests.

Our attorneys handle cases in State and Federal courts in Texas, and in front of administrative agencies and arbitration panels. At Lambright McKee, P.C., we routinely represent our clients in cases ranging from small disputes to complex, multi-party matters involving such areas as:

  • Commercial and residential construction issues;
  • Contract disputes;
  • Real estate litigation and lender-related issues, including foreclosures and litigation resulting from foreclosures, deed restrictions, condemnation, and title disputes
  • Master Planned Community representation, including deed enforcement, collections, liability and directors & officers defense, and general counsel representation;
  • Bankruptcy litigation, including creditor representation and defense of preference actions;
  • Complex Fraudulent Transfer actions;
  • Trust representation
  • Fiduciary Litigation

Lambright McKee, P.C.' commitment to service and a personalized affinity with each client gives our clients a distinct human advantage in litigation matters, while our modest size allows us to handle cases with more personal and professional focus than larger, more impersonal firms.


Practice Areas

Lambright McKee, P.C. enjoys a broad range of diverse specialties, and employs experienced attorneys to meet a wide range of legal needs.